Pain and Palliative Care Clinic

Pain and Palliative Care Clinic in Chittoor Campus mainly deals with Chronic Pain (Pain more than 3 months). Typically pain Clinic offers solutions to intractable pain. Pain is a global problem 20% of adults suffer from pain globally and 10% are newly diagnosed with chronic pain each year. Indian statistics shows 32% and American statistics shows 11% of people have chronic pain.

Chronic pain is a disease a syndrome and not just a symptom. The concept of a pain clinic is based on the conviction to effectively manage difficult pain conditions through well-coordinated efforts of a specialist possessing knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat pain. It is a multi-disciplinary approach which involves the following specialists

1. Physician, PMR 2. Orthopaedic Surgeon 3. Pain consultant (Anaesthetist with pain experience) 4. Physiotherapist 5. Pain nurse educator 6. Clinical Psychologist

Having access to all these services in one place where the focus is not only on the chronic pain but also on the patient them-selves and having the ability to see many different types of physicians who can coordinate with the pain care doctor under the same roof.

Medical Management International Management
Oral Medications Local infiltration
Transdermal patches ointment continuous infusions Trigger point injections
TENS THERAPY( Trans cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) Ultrasound guided dry needling
Yoga Therapy (To be started) US guided Nerve blocks and myo fascial injections
Physical Therapy Facet joint procedures
Mirror Therapy Epidural catheters
Patient controlled epidural analgesia
Specialised at ultrasound guided pain relief injections

Conditions treated

  • Headache
  • A typical fascial pain
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Arthritis related pain (Shoulder pain, neck pain, knee paint etc)
  • Costochondral pain
  • Post mastectomy pain syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Cancer pain
  • Non-specific low back pain
  • Myo fascial pain syndrome
  • A typical pain syndrome of various parts of the body
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Post-operative scan neuralgia
  • Heel pain
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Osteritis pubis
  • Complex regional (pain syndrome)

USG Procedures are free from harmful effects of radiation

Pain medicine also deals with the management of difficult, chronic and painful diseases like cancer, majority of complex chronic painful states unresponsive to conventional treatment are being successfully treated at pain clinics.



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